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Wow. Somebody remembered Canada. ;) Thanks, Ann.

Blessings, RogueMonk


Wow! I am all goose bumpy and teary eyed at what I have just read.

You are SO special! Now I know why Carol Hegeman thinks so much of you! (I think I knew it anyway!)

This is such an incredible statement of love, committment, and purpose that you have made. It is what Christ is all about - loving and accepting and empowering ALL of us.

Blessings and peace to you,



Ann, thank you so much for sharing your story. I know a little about the persecution of the church toward gays and lesbians, and share in your pain. (I was involved in a church that was kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas because of another ministry I was involved in that was reaching out to the gay and lesbian population in our small city -- we, too, are still feeling the pain of it all) I am sorry that the church is so closed to the working and blessing of the Holy Spirit.

I encourage you and the people of Greenpoint to continue your mission and ministry together. Ordination comes through the Spirit and is confirmed by the body of Christ ... it seems to me the body of Christ at Greenpoint is affirming your call. You go girl!


Ann, you are a blessing.

Rev. Dr. Mom

Ann, I am so sorry you have to go through this, and I thank God for your strong witness. My own demonimation (Episcopal, and much in the news of late) is not without these struggles, and it makes me incredibly sad that we lose sight of what is really important in our hangups about sexuality.

Blessings on your continued ministry!



I think what amazes me most about this story is the complete lack of bitterness, as well as the complete infusion of hope and expectation. Your journey has not been an easy one, and yet you've done so much to make every step of it as fruitful and full of compassion as you can. I think that in itself deserves to be honored.

It sounds to me as if your congregation is not only blessed by your service, but full of the grace necessary to realize that fact.

James Brumm

Amen and amen . . . to what you said and to all the comments above.

Sorting out where I am about gays and lesbians in the ministry has never been a problem; how can we doubt that some folks, including you, are called by God? Once that's decided, and once you say "yes, truly, with all my heart" to the work and witness of our strange little RCA (foolish as that sometimes seems to some of us, the question is settled for me.

The question of gay and lesbian marriage is more of a problem for me. I'm not as good a theologian as your dad, Ann, and I still struggle with the theological implications. But, in watching the shameful way some of my own brothers and sisters in Christ have acted towards you, your family, and your congregation, I have no doubt that Christ is standing with you, not them. When my son, Christopher (who was in Confirmation Class and reading the Heidelberg Catechism when everything blew up) asks me how people who say we believe what's in the Heidelberg can act this way, I am reinforced in my new thinking. Here I stand, I can do no other.

My prayers are always with you and Greenpoint. While it is the Spirit who ordains, God has given tremendous authority to the Church (as the Heidelberg reminds us), now beind mis-used by parts of this RCA that reared both of us; we have to shake the church 'til it comes to its senses. Let me know if there is ever any way I can help.


Wow. Just found you through the RGBP roundup. Your wrote that story well. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen and I'm so sorry that the RCA thinks you're "unordainable". But apparently it won't keep you from doing what God has called you to do. Bravo for you. I'm struggling with what my own church (Episcopal) is doing right now and hoping that by the time I finish seminary they'll still be willing to ordain an out, partnered lesbian. My prayers are with you.

Mary Beth

Dear Ann,

You continue to amaze me. This is my new motto:

"There's ministry to be done and while the poor player that is the institutional church struts and frets its hour upon the stage, we've got work to do."

Amen and thank God for you.


Dear All,
Thanks for your lovely notes. I do appreciate them. You've been so kind and supportive. I'm very blessed.


Blessings, and thanks for sharing your story. Hang in there...our denominations will figure out (one of these days) that we all of us have gifts to bring to the table and it would be foolish and wasteful not to welcome us and our gifts to participate.

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